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Importance of a Safe Windshield Installation

posted by Maaco Saskatoon    |   April 14, 2013 14:56

You look through it every time you’re in a vehicle, but do you know how important the windshield is to your safety?

Not only does it protect you from the elements and road debris, it also keeps you from being ejected from the vehicle if you’re in an accident; it helps the air bags deploy as they’re supposed to; and it supports the roof of the vehicle in the event of a rollover. But in order to do its job effectively, your windshield has to be installed correctly.

The windshield in Jeanne Fransway’s vehicle wasn’t. And it’s a problem that's more common than you may realize, especially when the factory-installed windshield has been replaced.

That’s why Maaco Collision Repair focuses on repairing chips or cracks whenever possible. Repaired glass is even stronger at the point of repair, and by repairing the auto glass instead of replacing it, we can protect the integrity of the factory seal and keep your vehicle as safe as possible.

If the damage to your windshield can’t be repaired, our trained technicians will perform a complete cut out of the old adhesive, clean both the new glass and the windshield frame thoroughly, and apply a new, full layer of the correct adhesive when we replace the windshield to ensure it’s strong enough to keep you and your family safe.

Your auto glass repair or replacement may be covered by your insurance policy. Please contact your insurance provider for details. If your repair or replacement will be covered either totally or in part by your insurance company, please let us know when you call to make an appointment.


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